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A decentralized, distributed Blockchain system providing businesses

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Deskchain Platform

Deskchain is a platform which enables creators to sell their digital products directly to consumers without the interference of middlemen. Creators of all types, such as authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and software developers, use deskchain to sell products directly to consumers, mostly digital content like albums, comics, ebooks, films, games, music, or tutorials.

  • Create and promote own online store with a single click
  • An email broadcast feature to attract more customers
  • Secure communication between creators and buyers on the network
  • Purchase and sell tokens to third parties over the network
  • Gain an insight of user behaviors from the network data
  • Sell/ Purchase products in fiat and cryptocurrencies

Road Map

Deskchain is a classified platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world.

Primary Financing & Market Research
Idea Development & Creating a Prototype
Fixation of Results
ICO Praticipation
ICO Offering
2018 Q3
Coin Burn
2018 Q4
Starting Buy & sell Platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick guide to for Deskchain Platform.

Tokenprop is a Real Estate investment and Trading Company based in UAE. The Company provides specialized Blockchain based Real estate investment products. TPROP is a native utility token for Tokenprop. It allows for accessing different services of the platform
Tokenprop connects issuers (Sponsors, Developers, Property owners etc.,) with investors and fulfils the needs of both parties by providing the needed capital to issuers and by offering good investment opportunities to Investors, this process is facilitated by TIP.
Property Tokens are security tokens of different Properties Investment offerings available on the platform. They are specific to each property and offer different types of returns and benefits. Investors can choose to pick the properties that best suit their interest.
TokenProp is registered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and have Licence for offering security tokens, exchange and token wallet.

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